Updates for Training School

The Training Center has some updates-we are doing our best to keep all memebers and visitors safe by following Covid-19 recommended guidelines.

  • Anyone visiting or training at the school will be required to have their temperature taken before entering.  Everyone is required to wear a mask indoors at all times and outside when they are within 20’ of another person.
  • We are again accepting applications for the apprenticeship. 
  • We are allowing voluntary training on a limited basis, members MUST call to reserve equipment, so we can plan for availability. 
  • Dorms are open, but only for members who live 60 miles or further away.  
  • Feel free to call the Training School with any questions!  573-485-2200
Training Center Cell Phone #

The Training Center has a cell phone for members to conviently update thier certifications etc.  Just text the school cell # your name and a clear picture of the certification to be updated.  


This number will NOT be answered for calls- Texts ONLY!  

Specialty Training in March 2021

The Silex Training Center will be offering GPS Training in March 2021- Call the school to registered!

March 5, 2021  Working Knowledge of Equipment Systems - This is a one day class consisting of classroom training on hydraulic systems, electrical systems, diesel exhaust emissions and Tier 4 Final.  


March 1-2, 2021 Trimble 1 GCS (T1) - T1 will consist of the machine control using Grade Control Systems (GCS)

March 3-4, 2021 Trimble 1 Earthworks (T1 E) - T1 Earthworks will consist of the maching using Earthworks Systems

March 8-9, 2021 Trimble 2 SCS (T2) - T2 will consist of basic operation of Rover using SCS900

March 10-11, 2021 Trimble 2 Siteworks (T2SW) - T2 will consist of basic operation of Rover using Siteworks Systems

March 12-13, 2021 Trimble Advanced Rover - (T3) - T3 will consist of model building, file conversions and site localizations.  Must have completed T2 Training in order to take T3.


Change of Address

Just a reminder if you move and need to update your address PLEASE call BOTH the Union Hall AND the Training Center. 

School closed Wednesday

The Silex Training Center will be CLOSED on Wednesday, February 17, 2021.  There will be no classes  due to inclement weather.