Substance Abuse

Local Union 513 Welfare Fund of Engineers Substance Abuse Benefit: Substance Abuse (InPatient) Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency (Inpatient Only).  Recovery, detox and residential included: 75% with a $1,000 co-pay (member)  45% with a $1,000 co-pay. Substance Abuse benefits do not include partial day hospital. (patient must appeal) Substance Abuse (OutPatient) Also for Required Drug and Alcohol Testing Program for Employment.  This benefit covers EMPLOYEES ONLY for counseling or other treatments to maintain or establish eligibility for employment under a required drug and alcohol testing program. The Fund Office must receive notification in advance of services.  Failure to do so will result in a 50% reduction in the amount payable by the Plan. *Co-pay applies only if office visit is charged.  75% and co-pay of *$20 if primary and *$40 if specialist (member).  45% and co-pay *$20 if primary and *$40 if specialist.