College Credit

Associate of Applied Science Degree:

An individual should receive approx. 40 credit hours from the Apprentice program; only needing 24 more credit hours to  complete an Associate of Applied Science degree. Local 513 Training has an agreement with   the following colleges who accept our training towards an associates of applied science degree;  East Centeral College in Union, Jeffereson College in Hillsboro, and St. Charles Community College in St. Peters.  If you live in another area check with your local community college about credit given.  

This degree is not designed to lead into another type of degree.  It is hands-on and skill based for a particular type of trade.  The general education requirements that go along with an  Associate of Applied Science will transfer to another degree.  Some of the hands-on credits may apply towards elective credits when working towards a bachelor's degree. 

Having an Assoc. of Applied Science Degree will help to advance your career if aspiring to be promoted.  It does make you more qualified than an individual with only a high school diploma.