About Us

Operating Engineers Local 513 is one of the largest construction trades locals in the Eastern half of Missouri. Representing skilled tradesmen, the heavy equipment operators and mechanics of 513 represent 4,200 men and women who drive this state's economy.

The Operating Engineers of Local 513 build the bridges you cross, the highways you drive down, the metro sysems you ride, the buildings and complexes where you work, the hospitals where you receive medical care, the  stadiums you view sporting events at, the hydro electric dams, power generating stations, pipelines and power lines you rely on for your energy needs. Our training programs help rid your schools and communities of asbestos and hazardous waste materials. It's a good bet they were built and serviced by members of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 513.

Local 513 invests roughly $15,000 per year per apprentice creating the best-trained workforce in Missouri. IUOE apprenticeship programs produce highly skilled apprentices who become even more highly skilled and qualified journeymen who deliver projects on time and under-budget.